CSC Quartet sings National Anthem for Queen Bee Half Marathon

Vivien Carmichael's picture

At the Third Annual Queen Bee Half Marathon on October 8, 2016, held on the streets of Cincinnati, one of our quartets (aka "Singamajigs") was invited to sing the "Star Spangled Banner" to kick off this women's footrace.  There were 4500 marathoners and 2500 for the four-mile race in attendance this year, plus hundreds and hundreds of supporters.  A CSC quartet has been invited for all three of the Queen Bees and this quartet has already been invited for the 2017 race as well.  It is an honor and a privilege to sing this very parriotic song at such a wonderful event.  Over $175,000 has been raised for charity from the three events to date.  The Queen Bee is part of the Flying Pig family of events.

left to right:  Libby McCord, Vivien Carmichael, Kathy Boyd, and Susie Nemenz