About Us

Cincinnati Sound Chorus is a group of women who mostly live in the Greater Cincinnati Area and who share a love of singing.  The chorus is a Chapter of Sweet Adelines International, Inc. and is part of Region #4, the Harmony Heartland Region.  The art-form we pursue is performing vocal four-part harmony, a cappella, generally arranged in the barberbershop style.  Some songs lend themselves to choreographed movement, which helps increase the expression and showmanship of our music.

Our members come from multiple generations and varied walks of life, from 20-something (and younger) to past retirement age; from student to professional, from highly trained musician to well-attuned amateur.

We continually strive for musical excellence through the education gained in weekly rehearsal and public performances.  We compete annually at a regional competition with other Sweet Adelines choruses, striving to win our regional contest and advance to the international level.  In 2007, we won the region and competed at the international contest in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2008.  In 2012, we earned a silver medal in the World Choir Games, held here in our city.

If you are a lady who loves to sing, and want more information, please use the Contact tab!  (Gentlemen may wish to investigate the Southern Gateway Chorus or the Delta Kings Chorus.)

If you are interested in hiring our chorus, a small ensemble, or a quartet to perform for your event, please submit a form under the Hire tab.  

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