Young Women & Young Men Leap Into Harmony Festival

Vivien Carmichael's picture

A successful Leap Into Harmony Festival was held at McAuley High School in College Hill, Cincinnati, on February 29, 2020.  Thanks to all who shared in the success of the one-day event!  Stacey St. John and Rich Lapp directed the two choruses, who each learned and performed three songs there!  Glamour and Darlington Brothers Quartets helped the students learn their parts and sing them very well!  Chorus members from Delta Kings, Southern Gateway, and Cincinnati Sound worked behind the scenes, and our sponsors provided funding for this event.  Thanks to Cincinnati Container Company, Industrial Mechanical Contractors, Inc., Prestige Travel, Inc., Harmony Heartland REgion #4 Swett Adelines Int'l, Greater Cincinnati Choral Consortium, and Mercy McAuley for your extra support!!